Kamenný most v Praze - Pavla Státníková, Ondřej Šefců, Zdeněk Dragoun


Pictorial evidence of the history of Judith and Charles Bridge - Published by: Museum of the City of Prague

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Značka Muzeum hlavního města Prahy
Kategorie Výběr nejlepších knih o Praze

A representative set of historical images represents the past of the unique monument of medieval architecture and also recalls historical events connected with the bridge. This book, subtitled Pictorial Evidence of the History of Judith and the Charles Bridge, provides the most complete published selection of surviving depictions of the bridge, significant and less significant, hypothetical, questionable, but always remarkable, mostly not only as a whole, but also in many details. This selected "gallery" of images of Prague and the Prague stone bridge is also a testimony to the history of the city, the ways of depicting reality, the graphic and painting techniques used, but also the taste of our ancestors. This visual testimony is actually also a kind of bridge, a bridge between the past and the present.

Prague 2013, V8 stitched + dust jacket, format 245 x 330, 232 pages